Advantages of Using an Inflatable Camping Light

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Advantages of Using an Inflatable Camping Light

How can an inflatable camping light be as sturdy as those used in tents? These units are designed to last for many uses. You can protect your vehicles, campers, RV’s, tents and so much more from the elements and add a new element of personal security to your outdoor living.

The first major benefit is the durability of an inflatable camping light. Some units will be much more durable than others. Find the one that will give you years of use and come with a five year limited warranty or less.

It’s a good idea to match the size of the unit with the area where it will be used. An inflatable camp lantern can be purchased in different sizes. This allows for smaller camping areas with larger ones. Even when buying the light to cover large areas, it is a good idea to purchase a light with a number of separate compartments.

If you are in a group, take note of the size of each person. Some models have spaces for two. When using an inflatable camping light, make sure to have one person at each end of the unit.

With such a light, you don’t have to worry about escaping the trail. The unit can be set up as a stand-alone, easy to carry one, or can be permanently attached to a standard camping tent.

For this light, you will need lightweight aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber for their frame. High density foam is also available. While fiberglass is ideal for weight savings, the additional weight makes an inflatable camp lantern more difficult to carry.

Many models will come with flexible mounting options. This means that you can attach the unit to any base of the standard tent, which will prevent the unit from flying off in windy conditions. These lights will typically come with a snap-on plastic canopy.

Make sure you wear a ground stakes to avoid injury. The ground stakes can come in different lengths, but keep in mind that a longer unit should not be used on a smaller base tent. Heavy winds are always a risk with an inflatable camping light.

The best thing about these lights is that they are virtually maintenance free. It’s safe to assume that no one wants to spend time looking for the nearest lanyard or string to attach the light to the side of the unit. That’s why there are no cords or fasteners in the unit. The light comes with a 5-foot cord so that you don’t have to run extra if it does get damaged.

Be sure to buy the right sized light. An inflatable camping light that is too small will not support the weight of the unit; while one that is too large will be difficult to operate and can cause injury.

When you are ready to pack up and move, it is a good idea to make sure that the inflatable camping light is compatible with your vehicle and has a flat bottom to prevent it from blowing away. You can go online and find information regarding this item.

When purchasing one, be sure to look at the weather that you will experience. What you need is a light that can withstand wind, rain, snow and even the desert sun. When you buy a light online, check out the customer reviews.

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