All About Camping Strip Lights

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Camping strip lights have a long history in American culture. The old-fashioned campfire, that burned all night with only candles and birdseed, has been replaced by the modern campfire that burns brightly and consumes much fuel.

camping strip lights

Strips of outdoor lighting are used to provide safety, and is a common feature on most campsites and camping trips. But the use of strip lights has evolved in many different ways.

Home needs and space. An oversized flashlight used as a lantern or used on an extension lead to a camping trip can be a nightmare to pack. A small, portable strip light can be kept in a diaper bag or a large, compact one can be placed in the camp’s storage area.

Comfort. A small light has a shorter life than a larger, stable unit, but many use them at home for cooking and safety.

Safety. Most campers who have grown up with campfires use strips of light in their backyard just as they would a regular fire.

Safety and survival. One safety and survival device that are not necessarily a camp strip light are flashlights. They are useful in the woods and can also be used in your home for survival and protection.

Survival. For those who want to enjoy wilderness camping, strip lights can serve as a beacon in night time navigation and in the darkness for signals. Other types of light make it easy to move between camp locations in the woods.

The use of strip lights and their variations provide a variety of functions that are necessary in camp settings. Some lights are used as lanterns while others illuminate specific areas like fire pits, and some are both lanterns and headlamps for hiking and trail travel.

These light types may be from the mini kind to the lantern type. Lantern types have a long life, are lightweight, and can be carried easily. They are often a little cheaper than lantern types.

Headlamps are built to make it easier to see in the dark and are convenient to carry around. Many times these lights will be used to light up certain areas in the camp such as fire pits, fuel stoves, camp fireplaces, or under the stars to give the campers a better view of the night sky.

Safety is a big factor in any outdoor situation. Light will definitely help the safety of a group of people hiking through the woods and for anyone in camp as well.

Safety should be a top priority for any outdoor group. If you feel that safety is something that needs more thought and concern, then strip lights are an option that can help you in your decision.

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