How To Create Fantastic Camping Lights For Your Space

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How To Create Fantastic Camping Lights For Your Space

It can be a lot of fun to play with novelty camping lights. You might not realize this, but these light fixtures come in all sorts of themes can be used in nearly any theme. You can make an awesome set by just grabbing a few of the many bright lights and a light fixture and hooking them together.

Imagine a candy store in the middle of the woods. For your light fixture, you might think of a half blown up candy box. And for your camping set, you might go with a combination of an air mattress and a camp stove, where the air mattress is the actual camping tent. Your camping set would definitely be a hit with kids who are into camp games.

But instead of camping sets and light fixtures, why not simply buy some small animal tracks? You could also use yellow beads to make a pair of soft dark brown sandals. Just imagine those tiny brown sandals held up by a long chain and you have a good idea of how tiny the animal would look in your set. For a beach or landscape theme, perhaps you could get some green flowers and hang them up. You could also get a big ornamental peacock feather and hang it on a tree or a post to let the light come down to where the flower is.

Now’s time to get creative and brighten up your camping environment. The outdoor elements add up to an awesome glow for your setting. And the earth element adds some charm to the ambiance.

Make a nice big wood table with several of the novelty lighting fixtures in the shape of a globe or an egg with moons and stars. Lay out your party plates and place these plates next to the table with the lanterns of your choice.

If you really wanted to go off the wall, cut a hole in one of the lights and have a mirror on it, right in the middle of the light. Put some candies in the hole and then hang these candies up against the lights and see if they’re still there when the candle burns out. These Candies will surely light up. Or just replace the glass globe with something else that can be placed anywhere.

Imagine a cocktail party with the lights over your fireplace. Your friends will feel like they’re in a European country. Your family will enjoy having the party on your patio and watching the stars as they throw their dice or beer. The light will add the ultimate fun for everyone.

Now you’re thinking you need more than one set of lighting. You can always go in different directions and create a pattern that you can hang all over your campsite.

What about creating a classic fire pit on your deck or porch and using your lights in the shape of a log or a pinecone? Or maybe you could get a set that is decorated like a log cabin with a bunch of lights stacked on top of each other, with some wooden pegs. Hang these logs in the hot weather to make it seem like you’re enjoying the comfort of a comfortable cabins.

Your garden can be the perfect place to play with the whimsical lighting in the summer. You can light up your garden table or a flower bed with the light on. When it’s warm, you can even brighten up the jungle or garden furniture.

You could make your own fireworks display with the camp area lighting and create a firework show on your camp table for a special night. You can even set up your own little movie theater with the lights and enjoy a romantic evening.

Whether you choose one or several of these accessories, they can make a big part of your outdoor space. Don’t forget to include the things that are also fun such as bars, miniature hot tubs, saunas, fireplaces and swings.

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