How to Find the Right Solar LED Lantern for Your Needs

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How to Find the Right Solar LED Lantern for Your Needs

Solar LED lantern prices have fallen dramatically in the last few years. Do you need to buy a new lantern for your home or do you just want to upgrade to a brighter light? Here are some useful tips on how to find a good deal on a new lantern.

When shopping for a new lantern, look for any available discounts or rebates. If the manufacturer offers rebates or discounts, get them. You may qualify for them and save a lot of money.

All exterior wall lights come with the solar power built in. Some models may require an external panel for operation. If you are planning to put a big enough outdoor light fixture in the garden, choose one that includes a light sensor, or one that needs a little bit of extra wiring for that.

Solar outdoor lights are usually much cheaper than traditional lanterns. And they’re even better, more energy efficient and long lasting. The designs for outdoor lights can be many. And even if you are looking for something more conventional, such as halogen lights, look for prices at least 25% less than you would pay for a new panel.

Look for outdoor fixtures at the same time you shop for new lanterns. Look at price quotes from the local hardware store and compare their options and service. Don’t be afraid to call customer service and find out if they have any special offers or discounts.

You can find some bargain lighting at local dollar stores and discount retail stores. Ask for discounts if you need to buy more than one. Discounted lanterns can be more affordable than the new ones.

If you plan to put a big light outside, like a porch light, patio light or some kind of outdoor spotlight, you might need more light. Check online for models that include outdoor lighting accessories. These include track lighting kits, portable solar lights, cordless track lighting, solar powered spotlights and garden lights.

Solar lanterns are almost always brighter than traditional models. However, some people have concerns about whether it’s worth the added expense of upgrading from the older style to the newer lantern. First, look at the quality and safety of the solar lantern. If the light is dangerous, use a low output battery instead.

Also consider the light pattern and power needed to maintain a solar lantern. Older styles of lantern were designed for just the one light. If you need a small number of outdoor lighting fixtures, the smaller size is perfect.

For long term use, remember that a brand new model of lantern is just as bright as a similar model you might already have. Most people assume that after one or two uses, they will be more or less as bright as they were when new. This is not always true.

Many models of lantern use rechargeable batteries. They also may include some kind of charging system. Some models have even been known to run on ordinary incandescent light bulbs.

A top model of solar led lantern will produce less heat than older models. They are also more durable. For more information, see the helpful guide on the next page.

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