Le 1000 Lumen Lantern Review

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le 1000 lumen lantern

Le 1000 Lumen Lantern Review

So you are thinking about buying a Le 1000 Lumen Lantern. Let me first say that I did a full research into this product, after reading the many reviews online and in the local stores.

There were so many things that I was worried about when I decided to buy the Le 1000 Lumen Lantern. The price is too high. Is it really worth the money I will have to pay for this light? Will I get what I paid for?

Of course I did not want to miss out on the second most popular lantern in the market – the Le Rally. Le Rally has two lanterns and each of them has a price tag of $700. It’s hard to believe that they are sold only in Europe. So when I asked myself why they are not sold in North America, I had to admit that the product just doesn’t translate well in North America. Then I found the Le 1000 Lumen Lantern that was priced lower and the difference was obvious.

You see, there is no comparison between the two lanterns in terms of their quality and pricing. In Europe, these lanterns have a reputation for being good quality products but the Le 1000 Lumen Lantern in the USA is not the same.

They have one hundred percent pure Sanyo batteries and the lantern use CO2 cartridges instead of the usual lithium batteries that are used by most lanterns. This means that you won’t have to worry about the power of the light dwindling as the batteries deplete.

The light itself is very bright. If you need brightness without a lot of spill, it is the right choice.

The light can be customized according to your personal preference. You can set the brightness and color and even the intensity of the light.

Most people are aware of how much cost this light can really save them. If you don’t want the security of knowing that you are lit up by a light but want the convenience of a dimmer light, then this is the right light for you.

The main reason I like this light is that you can leave it plugged in all night long without worrying about turning it off. No more searching for an outlet.

And because the lantern is wireless, you can put it in the car, put it in the garage or anywhere else where you need it. And because you don’t have to worry about batteries, it will always be ready when you need it.

Now for the cons. You can only buy them online and can’t physically see them before buying them.

In the end, I would say that if you have problems with reliability and durability, this product will be OK for you. There are some models that will last longer than others and for me, I chose the one that lasted the longest, the one that allowed me to keep my memories of the times I’ve spent using the lantern. That one I call “The battery for the brain”.

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