Solar Crank Lantern – Savings, Ease and Style

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A solar crank lantern is a cost effective alternative to traditional lanterns. The concept of using the sun’s energy to create a light fixture has been around for quite some time. At one time there were solar arc lamps, now we have the modern solar lantern.

solar crank lantern

Solar lanterns do not require electricity to power them. They use solar energy or the rays of the sun to turn a candle with an extension bulb into the light. Solar lanterns are very lightweight and can be set up in minutes. Some lanterns even fold up and are placed in a convenient place when not in use.

Solar lanterns can provide enough light for many hours. People often store the lanterns in a closet to keep them out of the direct path of air conditioning units and other cooling devices. Many lanterns are on a timer to shut off once the electricity runs out.

A few special features have been added to solar lanterns to make them more convenient for use. One improvement is that instead of a metal holder, the lantern has a glass bulb holder that is similar to that of a regular incandescent lamp. There is also a shorter cord so that the lantern can be run on any power source.

The additional space above the holder is for holding batteries or lights. A battery is used to charge a tiny LED light. Once the battery has sufficient charge, it is activated by turning the light on.

Solar lanterns are easy to install, but they can also be disassembled easily. After the lights are powered, they can be replaced with fresh batteries. Disassembly is easy to do as well, if needed.

The construction materials that are used to build solar lanterns are generally inexpensive. Plastic is usually used for the body of the lantern. Plastic can be painted with a variety of colors to make it more attractive.

The glass frame that holds the bulb is made from clear acrylic. The frame is held together by plastic pins or screw screws. Glass is also used for the shade to help protect the lantern from outdoor elements.

These solar lanterns are great for backyard picnics and parties. Many times they are used by campers to provide light in dark campsites. They can also be placed near structures such as bridges and buildings to provide illumination.

Lanterns can be placed outside to provide illumination. Most lanterns have a handle for easy carrying and a shade that are attached to the lantern. As long as the lantern is turned on, it will provide light.

Solar lanterns are relatively inexpensive compared to a standard electric lamp. A single lantern can provide enough light for an entire garden or front yard area.

Using solar lanterns to light your home is very affordable. The cost of buying and installing solar powered lights is about the same price as new lights. Solar lanterns are easy to use and can save money and energy.

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