The Secret to an Amazing Experience in a Burning Man Event

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suboos lantern

The Secret to an Amazing Experience in a Burning Man Event

The secret to an amazing experience in a Burning Man event is a suboos lantern. The suboos are the torches that everyone carries. If you’ve never seen a suboos, it’s a long, rectangular, streamlined and black torch or lighting device, often used as a security lighting device.

In Black Rock City, they’re called buboes. They’re so called because they’re commonly carried by people on the playa to illuminate areas they need light. They’re much larger than other lanterns. These super bright and huge devices are very noticeable at night and some people carry several in their backpacks or inside various types of backpacks for comfort.

The lantern emits intense light and some call them an angelic sight as they illuminate the face of your friends, but for most people, they’re used to see the playa events. They light the way, go up, down, up, down and around all night long.

Just in front of the current Burning Man, they light up the face of the Playa. A few use them for their moonlight glows, but a lot use them for navigational purposes, because of their long neck and narrow beam. The shortest is the perfect candle.

Even though the lanterns can be really impressive to see, if the Playa is filled with a ton of people, they have a way of getting swallowed up in the mass of people. Not to mention, they are awkward to carry and may run out of charge during the event.

With that in mind, the Burning Man is one of the safest places to carry one because everyone carries them and everyone knows how many there are. To prevent this from happening, the Burning Man has developed several safety measures for carrying them.

One great thing about the suboos is that it can be powered by solar power. That’s something many people think about, but the suboos themselves can be a real surprise.

You see, it has two ends with the bulb in the middle. To start the light, the source is connected to the ignition of the lantern. It’s an electrical discharge, but because it’s internal to the body of the subs, it’s safe to carry, and quite easy to charge.

Most subs can be charged by a mini battery that is buried inside the device. And since it’s so small, it’s not so big that it will interfere with any children or pets that want to play on the Playa.

The lantern has been popular in countries around the world for many years and there’s no reason why it can’t be a real attraction for Burning Man as well. Heck, it’s probably too obvious, but the main attraction will be the lights.

Many people are on board for the party in the Playa, and they enjoy the fun, but no one can get around the awesome spectacle of thousands of light-emitting devices going up and down the Playa. There are plenty of reasons to bring a suboos with you if you’re visiting the playa, but let’s just say that this is not your first time to the Playa.

So take some friends with you and get a suboos or several. It’s so much fun to look at all the amazing contraptions going up at the same time, so take the time to get one and give it a try. You won’t regret it.

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