Top Five Brands of Camping Tubes and Lights

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Top Five Brands of Camping Tubes and Lights

A good pair of camping torches and lights is always needed for camping. There are a lot of brands to choose from but the most effective are those made by Niketex, Inc., which is well known for making some of the best camp lights. Some of these are listed below.

The following Niketex camping torches and lights are ranked in the top three brands for camping torches and lights. One of the reasons why they are so popular is that they cost a bit more than other brands but still deliver the same quality. If you have decided to buy a torch for your next camping trip, you should get at least one of these for camping.

Hooton. This is a name that has been synonymous with camping torches for quite some time. The latest models are lightweight and easier to use than before. The first model was sold in Germany but now the name is recognized in the United States.

Torgo. It is a Japanese brand that makes some of the best camping torches and lights. You can find them online as well as in camping stores in the U.S. There are very few available in stores. You will find the newest models at sites like Amazon.

Sunbeams. These are great torches but they don’t come cheap. They offer a 10-year warranty on most of their products, and they sell their torches at all big camping stores and major department stores.

Starlight. This is another Japanese brand that makes good torches and lighting solutions for camping.

Emir. This is a U.S. company that makes camping torches and lights. Their high end torches are not that much more expensive than the U.S. counterparts.

Jetlight. This is a Japanese brand that produces a wide range of camping torches and lighting solutions. In fact, the majority of the highest priced torches are not imported from Japan but made right here in the U.S.

Lighthouses. This is a brand that creates both durable and lightweight camping torches and lights. Their torches are easy to use and you can find them in many different camping stores and through Amazon. They also make some great lights that are sold online.

Volumnize. This is a Greek brand that creates some great torches and lighting solutions. They are also among the top camping torches and lights.

Ottoman. They make many types of camping torches and lights. You can find the ones that are light and easy to carry. Or you can find the ones that are built to last.

Rudeo. This is a Greek brand that makes lamps for camping and fishing. They offer many styles and prices and they offer some of the best lamps for camping.

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