What Are Tent Fans With LED Light?

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A tent fan with LED light has many benefits. It’s easy to install, light weight and cost effective to run. All these make it a great choice for the avid camper.

tent fan with led light

If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where you can go camping and stay in tents then you know the value of such a product. A good quality tent fan with LED light can make the difference between living in a tent and sleeping outside.

When we go camping we spend lots of time in the tent checking on the fish and making sure they aren’t eating our bait. This not only limits our chances of catching anything, but we also have to worry about damaging or losing the items we brought.

When it comes to the shelter of the tent, we usually don’t think about it as much as we should. If the food and drink get out of our reach quickly then the tent can be a haven for bugs and other insects that might eat them. However, with a well designed tent fan with LED light they can be kept at bay and little time will be wasted looking for things.

A tent fan with LED light is a low voltage fan mounted to a pole that is either wired or can be supplied with a wire that goes from the fan. They are powered by a rechargeable battery and run on one AA battery or a 9 volt DC power supply. In many cases the LED light is on a tachometer, which makes it easy to keep track of when the fan is at the right level to blow air on.

When installing a tent fan with LED light, it is important to find one that will fit properly. If the fan is too big then the room will be restricted to either buy or make a smaller version. Or better yet find a fan that is set up inside the tentso that the unit is larger than the whole unit.

The LED light gives off a soft glowing light that is great for campers who like to read their logs or other accessories in the dark. Some models even have ambient lighting options.

When using the fan, it is a good idea to get a good handle on the amount of wind that is going to hit the tent. These fans use small amounts of electricity, so a storm that blows 30 mph or more will mean you will be spending money to keep the fans working. At the same time the fan will use a lot of battery power to get the right settings for that scenario.

Although most tent fans with LED light can be installed by just about anyone, it is always good to check to make sure the cables and wires are all attached correctly. If you have any trouble with the electric connector or the battery, you can contact the manufacturer to get the issue resolved.

Depending on how old the fan is you may find it is not as flexible as it once was. Some newer models have been designed to work well with modern tenting materials.

As far as being able to bring camping gear that is important to have a lantern or a small hand held flashlight for emergencies. Other items include flashlights, matches, headlamps, bandanas, insect repellent, non-stick cooking spray, first aid and socks.

With all of the types of fans available for purchase it is not surprising that so many people choose a tent fan with LED light. There are some excellent lights available that can add a real touch of elegance to any camping set up.

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